Who has the keys to Your Durham Home?

The property owner who sold you the home could have a set of duplicate keys with him even after you take possession. The other probable people who could have the keys are the property dealer, renovator, carpenter, plumber, and the friendly neighbourhood milkman or newspaper seller. You could never know the actual numbers, since the stakeholders may not choose to reveal it.

Property Owner

The residential property owner will have at least one pair of duplicate keys to your new home in Durham. If you have rented or leased the apartment, it is better to change the locks after taking the permission from your home-owner. If you have purchased the house, there will be no need to seek the permission, and you can go ahead with the changes since you are the new property owner.

Property Dealer

The property dealer (real agent estate) in Durham may have the keys to your home. If you have rented the house and moved in, it will be the responsibility of the owner to get the keys back from the agent. If you have purchased the house, it is better to persuade the owner to get all the keys from the related stakeholders and entrust them to you.

Property Renovator

The local property renovator in Durham, who made the face-lifting changes to the exterior and interior design and architecture before your arrival may have the keys. In most of the cases, they give away the keys to the owner after their tasks are complete. However, it may not sometimes happen due to specific certain reasons. In such cases, you should take the initiative and get the keys from your home’s previous owner.

Plumbers and Repairers

The Local plumbers and repair-company or the service-personnel may have your home keys. Even in such cases, the previous property owner will take the responsibility of getting the keys back from them. If you have purchased the property, it is better to follow up with the previous property owner and persuade him to get the keys to you from the local plumbers and repairers in Durham.

 Best Practices of Safety

There could be many more stakeholders who could be in possession of your home keys. The most recommended method is the complete replacement of the locks with the new sets from the main doors, interior doors, and windows, to the garage door locks.

Consent Letter

If you are the renter (tenant) in the home, it is better to take a letter of consent from the property-owner before changing the locks and keys. You should return all the keys to the locks to the owner when you move out of the house.

Locksmith Durham

The local locksmith in Durham is the best and trusted resource for solving all your problems with lock and key repair, replacement, and installation. We are among the top rated companies to deliver the most competitive services to you while you stay in the city and the surrounding counties. We provide you with the best options for safeguarding the property and people in your Durham home.

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